Leadership 'N Motion

Where walking, mindfulness and leadership intersect

Leadership 'N Motion has emerged due to a confluence of factors:

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Services: Contact info@awalkening.com to find out how these services can be tailored for your individual or organization's needs.

  • The WALKshop - an intensive 1/2 to 2-day learning event that guides individuals and groups using walking, metaphors and small group activities to move through planning and a process of change.
  • aWALKening Leadership Retreats -3-day experiential trainings that build leadership skills while walking in natural settings. Based on the Embody Leadership Model™. "Walking awakens connection to the inner self. From this place it is easier to claim what leadership means in one's life."
  • Leadership Coaching - For new, current and past participants in Leadership 'N Motion. All are encouraged to engage in coaching as a way to prepare for - and integrate - greater depths and clarity on how leadership applies in one's life.
  • Core Group Series - A small private support community and led videoconference calls blending goal-setting, accountability, and new learning. Held in 8-to-12 week series of bi-weekly calls and weekly discussions, assignments and readings. Groups are kept very small to ensure customization, connection and meaningful engagement.
  • Social Media Presence- Leadership 'N Motion maintains a YouTube channel to capture leaders in motion, walking their walks and sharing the links between walking and leadership.

A Movement Movement

Leadership 'N Motion builds leaders who walk their walk.

  • Significant shifts in leadership paradigms call forth a greater need for self-management, relationship-building, creativity and human consciousness
  • There are higher incidences of social isolation and disconnection from the natural world
  • Sedentary behaviors are rendering us ill
  • Neuroscience provides evidence for brain-based benefits of walking, mindfulness, and being in nature, as well as confirming neural responses in the motor cortex of action-oriented language

When leadership competencies and concepts are paired with movement and mindfulness practices, the learning is imprinted in the body, as well as the brain. Transformation of the whole person is possible. Skill acquisition and behavior change is more sustainable and has health-promoting benefits for individuals and the environments in which they thrive.

Guiding Principles of Leadership 'N Motion derive from:

  • Social Intelligence: Being in community and relationship

  • Physical Intelligence: Using movement and body wisdom

  • Brain-based Intelligence: Creating reward-oriented experiences to
    enhance learning

  • Emotional Intelligence: Focusing on self-awareness and 

    management and social skills

  • Nature Intelligence: Integrating information from the natural world to 
    guide knowledge acquision and real-life decisions