Leadership 'N Motion

Where walking, mindfulness and leadership intersect

Susan Ladd, Coordinator - Vermont Career & Technical Student Organizations 
Chelsea, Vermont - USA

Laura Berkowitz, Owner - Options in Learning
Marlboro, Vermont - USA

No Matter the Question - There Is One Answer...
When Laura Berkowitz participated in the Brattleboro, VT aWALKening Retreat in 2016, she shared about her philosophy: No matter what the question, the answer is “Go outside.” There is no question too large, no pain too great, no mystery too deep, but that it cannot be healed by nature and lead to just the personal growth we seek. This was the first time Laura shared these personal beliefs while outdoors, holding pieces of nature and in the presence of a group of listeners. Laura built upon this aWALKening experience by giving a sermon in temple on the high holy day of Yom Kippur. In this remarkable expression – that mirrors much of the philosophy of Leadership ‘N Motion – Laura expanded on the idea of getting answers by going outside. As we approach the close of one year that folds into the next, consider reading this excerpt. Oh and find how a grateful raccoon figures into this amazing story!

aWALKening Gets Traction with Your Leaders ... Hear from Susan Ladd
Susan Ladd provides leadership training and opportunities to Vermont state and local officers as well as students engaged in career and technical education. After participating in the aWALKening retreat in Ludlow, Vermont in August 2016, Susan quickly applied her learning to youth leaders. It sounds like aWALKening was an aWAKEning!
In my bringing leadership workshops to high school students, I am always trying to find new activities to do, especially since I may have some students attending from previous years.  To give my repertoire a boost, I enrolled in the aWALKening session at Ludlow in August, and this was an awakening for me…. READ MORE....