Leadership 'N Motion

Where walking, mindfulness and leadership intersect

New Core Group Circles forming on an ongoing basis - or gather a few of your friends/colleagues and will run a group just for you! Contact us at info@awalkening.com.

You want to get the most impact out of your leadership experience - with lasting change?

Apply the 70:20:10 theory and spend time, as follows:

  • 70% directly addressing challenges and implementing change (real life practice with Individual Coaching)
  • 20% in relationships that support your development (Core Group Circles)
  • 10% participating in trainings (aWALKening Retreats)

Make it your personal path to break through habitual patterns and create new thought and ways of being. Tailor your change (e.g., pace, content and circumstances) by using a blend of Leadership 'N Motion services.

CORE GROUP CIRCLES are a unique blend of mastermind groups (for accountability), group coaching (powerful questions and support) and deepening and expanding learning. It is for all participants of Leadership 'N Motion services. While you might have clarity on something you want to do, Core Group Circles are also great for anyone seeking to have more balance in their lives -- be more in alignment with your true nature. You will explore and practice leadership skills in your everyday life and work​ while cultivating a plan for your continued growth and alignment. Topics covered can include self-awareness and self-care, appreciating paradox, disagreeing with acceptance and not taking things personal – and more.


  • Groups are forming all the time. Reach out to info@awalkening.com to indicate your interest. NOTE: Usually groups meet over 8 weeks, this can be tailored to group interests and needs.
  • The Circles have two structures – the Call Weeks and the In-Between Weeks. 

Call Weeks: Led by the aWALKening Leader(s), we meet every other week for an hour via Zoom (a free videoconferencing platform). Every meeting there is opportunity for reporting out on progress, obstacles and asking for help; we will also spend time on all calls augmenting our learning by exploring a new topic or one that is introduced during an In-Between Week.

In-Between Weeks (occur on weeks when there is not a call): On a shared site (likely Facebook) in a closed/private group, the Leaders will post a topic (new and/or extension from previous weeks) with suggested ways to apply the learning to your life, including a challenge. Supplemental readings may also be recommended. Online discussion is encouraged and the Leader(s) will check in, at least, twice during each week. (The online discussion will continue during the Call Weeks.)

  • Cost: $350 - payable in full for an 8-week Circle; due by one week prior to the initial call.
  • Additional Services: Reach out to info@awalkening.com with your interest in Individual Coaching alone or in combination with a Core Group Circle.