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Where walking, mindfulness and leadership intersect

$565 ($590 via PayPal) for this 12-week training; January - April 2018

Participants will be eligible for the Leadership 'N Motion's Learning-Leading Team as Assistants

Embody Leadership Coaching and Facilitation Skills Training
Real life. Real challenges. Real Change. True leadership.

You want to get the most impact out of your leadership experience - with lasting change. Make it your personal path to breakthrough habitual patterns and create new thought and ways of being. Coaching and facilitation are essential leadership skills. Not only do they help leaders create greater impact in their personal and professional goals, they are relationship-building skills that bring forth the best in others. As a leader who uses coaching and facilitation, you will naturally attract devoted and contributing followers. This training course aligns with neuroscience-based praxes that make learning stick - such as spacing of content, multiple methods of engagement and job -embedded practice in a supportive learning community.

Leadership ‘N Motion (L’NM) is an international resource for embodied leadership. Their Embody Leadership Model is based on the tenet that leaders have access to myriad sources of guidance beyond traditional models of head-centered, top-down and small-group voice consensus. The Embody Leadership Model mines internal and external fountains of knowledge and wisdom while creating actionable steps to blend the best of all. This approach builds flexibility in leadership using principles of neuroscience, emotional intelligence, coaching, mindfulness, movement and nature. Leaders participating in L’NM’s trainings acknowledge their growing abilities to lead from the front, co-create from the side and manage effectively from the back while developing their leader within.

In this 12-week hybrid learning experience, Embody Leadership Coaching and Facilitation Skills Training, taught by Professional Certified Coaches and internationally recognized trainers and educators, learners will better know and be able to:

  • Coach others in order to deepen learning and create forward movement
  • Listen fully and on a multitude of levels
  • Ask powerful questions
  • Remain open and curious
  • Apply self-awareness and self-management skills in building effective leadership
  • Use the Embody Leadership Model as an assessment tool for leading self and others
  • Facilitate learning in others in both virtual and face-to-face settings
  • Give and ask for feedback in a brain-friendly and relationship-building manner

NOTE: Learners are required to purchase the textbook: Co-Active Coaching - Changing Business Transforming Lives by Henry Kimsey-House, Karen Kimsey House and Phillip SandahlType your paragraph here.