Leadership 'N Motion

Where walking, mindfulness and leadership intersect

KATE LINK, MSEd., CPCC, ACC: Has devoted her career to the advancement of human potential. A near-lifelong trainer and coach, Kate, has conducted over 1000 workshops and learning events for the private and public sectors. Through a Clinton Foundation initiative devoted to children's health in the U.S., Kate is a pivotal member of the Talent and Development Team and oversees a culture and professional development workgroup. She also conducts a coaching program for senior leaders, supervisors and staff in transition. Additionally, Kate, as The CoachingLink, maintains a robust private leadership coaching practice.

With so many connections outwards, Kate uses walking to connect inwards and to enjoy time outdoors in Vermont, USA. She is a devotee of long walks. In April 2016, Kate returned to the Camino de Compostella de Santiago in Spain and, after serving as a volunteer - where she previously walked over 500 miles/800 kms, Kate walked the Portuguese route in 2016 and the Primitivo in May 2017. In 2018, Kate walked part of the Inca Trail in Peru and part of the Camino route in Germany!

We met in Sitges, Spain, just south of Barcelona. An American and a Dutch. Mid-way through our shared international Co-Active Leadership Program, our names were pulled from a hat indicating that we were assigned to conduct a project together. From that serendipitous moment on, a Movement was born. The WALKshop was its first offspring; and from that aWALKening emerged. Now we are offering retreats, WALKshops, Core Group series, coaching and more in the USA and in Europe. Leadership 'N Motion is already growing and we are in the process of training Apprentices for our Learning and Leading Team!

Our story:

Leadership 'N Motion Co-Founders

“Join us as we spread conscious leadership through walking and movement: Leadership ‘N Motion. Having vision, being able to move forward, creating connections and exchanging ideas are all facets of effective leadership. One simple way to advance these assets is to walk. An empowered leader empowers others.”
- Kate and Marijne

MARIJNE van den KIEBOOM, MA, PCC: A humanistic psychologist and international certified coach, Marijne is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Whenever possible, you can find her climbing some steep slopes in The Alps in Europe. Fresh air, overview, clear mind... for Marijne walking is pivotal to change, transformation, creativity and joy.

 What drives Marijne is her fascination for how people learn and how movement can affect change.  Marijne spent 15 years in the corporate field as a trainer and coach on topics including personal leadership, stress management and training coaches. Now she dares even more change and transformation by coaching on life strategies, inspiration, clearing beliefs and provoking a different outlook – on ourselves, others and organizations.